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Slackline Waterline

Water gives you the opportunity for a very special slackline experience. If a line is put up over a lake, stream, or bay it is called a waterline.

water-artic1The height of the slackline can be varied from just underwater to over 5 meters. In any case, there should be safe area for falling into the water and a controlled jump-off technique should be used to minimize the risk of injury. Particular attention should be given to the edembarkement of water, where the terrain should be examined carefully before the first steps of the course. Existing maritime traffic must, of course, not be hindered, nor should there be any danger.

What makes the appeal of "Going over the water"?

The moving and reflecting water surface offers almost no optical support for the slackliner. How important the optical relation to a fixed ground for our equilibrium system is to be found immediately above the water. Only the remote opposite anchor point still offers orientation.

Our system of equilibrium is formed by an interplay of visual perceptions, vestibular system (equilibrium organs in the ear) and deepness (muscles, tendons and joints). The reflecting and / or flowing water confuses the eyes. Therefore, only the vestibular system and deepness are reliable partners in balancing.

Intuitive balance as well as internal balance is the key in this case. The longer a waterline, the greater the demands on this inner balance. Here as well, exercise leads to success.

The same effect also makes the highline so hard. For this reason, Waterlinen is a very good workout for higher lines.


Different kinds of water and different times of day create different conditions ( flowing, water sounds, reflection varieties, colour). When walking above the mirror-like surface of a still lake it feels like you are walking in the sky - an incredible feeling. The torrential rushing current of a mountain river seems to pull at you and drag you down off the line. Both extremes have their very own appeal, and in between you find a myriad of flowing and reflecting conditions.

Slacklining over water offers classic water joy. There you can play around and throw yourself into the water. You can try somersaults or other jumps on a very low risk level. But remember again, even water can be a relatively hard barrier in the case of a fall.

With little extra caution, waterlining is the perfect fun for a hot summer day.