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Aki Sonic 2 Slackline Webbing Fixed Length

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Aki Sewn Loop Simple Sonic 2
Aki Sewn Loop Simple Sonic 2
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Aki T-Loop Backup Split Sonic 2
Aki T-Loop Backup Split Sonic 2
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Clearance sale of short length pieces with over 30% discount! Sonic 2 - the legend is... more
Product information "Aki Sonic 2 Slackline Webbing Fixed Length"

Clearance sale of short length pieces with over 30% discount!

Sonic 2 - the legend is back! Unique polyamide webbing that was especially designed for all-round use in slacklining. This webbing is characterized mainly by the safe 3-layer structure, the very fine and robust weaving surface and the smooth rounded edges. The webbing is very soft and flexible, thus optimal to handle and has excellent pretensionability in weblocks. A special PU coating protects the webbing for a long time against abrasion and provides excellent grip underfoot. The brilliant coloring with anti-twist feature prevents twists in the webbing and offers optimal visibility on any surface.

Sonic 2 provides excellent dynamic properties for rich bounce and surfing with huge amplitudes. The optimum break strength to weight ratio and the sum of its features make it the perfect all-rounder for all applications in slackline sport. Particularly advanced slackliners appreciate this webbing. Whether 30m funline, 100 m longline or even very long highlines, Sonic 2 is always great fun.

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Our comment on "Aki Sonic 2 Slackline Webbing Fixed Length"

The working load limit (WLL) is 7 kN, but this counts only in combination with Weblocks which guarantee a high breaking strength utilization (as Lynx 4 or Zilla 3). When using knots or even old chain link line lockers the WLL must be reduced accordingly significantly (<4 kN). As working load we understand the force in a slackline after tensioning when 1 person is standing still in the middle of the slackline. At higher lengths and larger pretensions the large elongation needs to be taken into account. This results in longer needed tensioning system and higher stored potential energy.

Information "Aki Sonic 2 Slackline Webbing Fixed Length"



3-Layer Construction With Kern-Mantel-Concept
The Sonic 2 has a very fine 3-layer weaving construction with particularly abrasion-resistant outer shell. With the surrounding tightly woven edges you get a core-shell structure with large safety benefits. Along with the breaking strength of 35 kN, the Sonic 2 is a very safe all-slackline. The Sonic 2 is a widely used webbing in the whole world and the consistently positive community feedback confirms the high reliability and the ideal mix of properties of this unique slackline.


The Sonic 2 is coated with a special polyurethane coating. This ensures a high degree of robustness and durable abrasion. In addition, the slackline gets more grip, which offers good control underfoot.


Gentle Edge Design
The Sonic 2 has very rounded and tightly woven edges. Walking barefoot even over long distances is very pleasant and smooth. When catching the rounded edges provide skin-protecting properties and less pain and bruising.


Fine And Dense Weave
The special dense and fine surface weaving of Sonic 2 ensures easy handling and soft feel underfoot. Further benefits are abrasion resistance and overall durability of this fabric construction. Skeins are very safely woven and are very hard to pull out.


The tri-color design with different color of top and bottom and the contrast edges lets you detect twists in the webbing very easily. The brilliant colors (the yarn was dyed directly into the spinnerets) are extremely durable and provide optimal visibility on all backgrounds.

Stretch "Aki Sonic 2 Slackline Webbing Fixed Length"
Manual "Aki Sonic 2 Slackline Webbing Fixed Length"
Questions "Aki Sonic 2 Slackline Webbing Fixed Length"

Question: I want to buy a 80 meter long slackline. What do i put in the "quantity-box"?

Answer: Because of the complex manufacturing of Sonic 2, we offer only single pieces with fixed and predefined length, please choose an available length in the drop down.

Question: Is it possible to get a sewn end loop on my slackline webbing?

Answer: Unfortunately we can not offer sewn end loops in individually selected lengths at the moment. But we work with high pressure on that topic.

QuestionIs the Sonic 2 suitable for highlines?

Answer: Mind first our general note hat we officially do not sell slacklines for use in highlines, due to liability reasons and due to lack of standardization in the Slackline sport generally. From our practical experience in the highline community Sonic has however proven itself many times, especially in length from 20 m. Please note the priority of a safe setup, which requires a complete and fully functioning backup system. Highlining is a potentially dangerous sport and is always at your own risk and full responsibility. The safe practice of highline sports requires a great deal of expertise and experience.

Properties "Aki Sonic 2 Slackline Webbing Fixed Length"
Line Type: Flat Webbing
Material: Polyamide
Webbing Structure: 3-Layer Core-Sheath
Edge Design: Gentle Edge Comfort
Line Width: 25 mm
Thickness: 3,5 mm
Finish: PU Coating
Minimum Breaking Strength (MBS): 35 kN
Maximum Working Load (WLL): 7 kN
Stretch at 10 kN: 15 %
Weight: 69 g/m
Country Of Manufacture: European Union
Colour: yellow / bright blue with red edges
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Customer review for "Aki Sonic 2 Slackline Webbing Fixed Length"
31 May 2020

Gutes Band, zaubert mir stets ein Lächeln ins Gesicht.

Das Band ist so fantastisch, dass dies bereits mein zweites Stück ist (111m + 80m). Es ist für kürzere Highlines aufgrund der Dehnung sehr angenehm und für längere low tension Highlines ein Traum, wenn auch nicht das einfachste Band.
Wenn die gelbe Seite oben ist, merke ich keinen Unterschied zur Line ohne hervorstehende Webkante. Ganz leicht ist die Kante zu spüren, wenn die blaue Seite oben ist, jedoch nicht störend. (Als Ausgleich gibts Rabatt, daher 10/10.)

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