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Backup Extender Strength on Girth Hitches

This little study examines the strength of girth hitched webbing sewn end loops typically used for backup extenders in highline rigging.
Tags: Safety, Gear
A test study of break loads with slackline sewn loops when using soft shackles as attachment component. I examined and compared various parameters and boundaries. Finally the Soft Thimble approach is proposed for maximum strength retention.
Tags: Safety, Gear

Safety and Quality of Shackles

Shackles have established themselves as the major connection elements in slackline setups. Especially for use in the main load path of long and highlines, shackles are regarded as irreplaceable.
Tags: Safety, Gear

Webbing strength in anchors

This article will discuss the various anchoring options of slackline webbings and its strength efficiencies.
Tags: Safety, Gear