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Slackline Points Of View


The following views reflecting our personal opinions about the slackline sport. The nature and the calm sites of slackline have priority to us. Respect and a meditative background are the base.It represents an attempt to find a way which allows us and the future generations this wonderful sport.

crest1In the nature - with the nature

The beauty of nature is a gift to us humans. We as slackliners receive this gift with awareness and joy. However, by using the nature, we know about the responsibility for its protection and conservation. We are guests at the home of the animals and plants and behave accordingly. We try to avoid activites, which affecting the life of the animals.

crest2We leave no traces

We try to leave the place in the condition as we have found it. Preferably we leave it in a better condition. A subsequent visitor can gain the impression to be the first in this place. By this means we can save us the native impression and avoid conflicts with the nature. We are using always a tree protection. Therefore we protect the sensitive bark and the underlying cambium of the tree and a possible damage is minimized.

crest3Safety comes first

We spot at each of our actions the safety as first priority. We examine our equipment to damage and replace it if necessary. The slackline ist under tension. Tension means a potential force, and that means an increased risk of injury if the force acts in the wrong direction. We explain this issue to present persons and please them to be aware. We consider even very unlikely accident scenarios. They are part of our risk assessment

crest4Sustainability in our actions

We want to enable future generations of slackliners the possibilities we have today. We want to prevail this state. The slacklining with tree protection only is a specific strategy to implement our concerns into actions.

crest5We are considerate and seek the dialogue

The respect of nature conservation and park regulations has a high priority for us. If we are responsible for a conflict, we seek the dialogue and work on a mutual understanding. We recognized that a good public recommandation of our sport is a very important factor. We know that one negative issue is hardly to correct. We avoid potential conflicts and work actively on a resolution process.

crest6The clear mind

Stress, worries and fears diminish our physical performance and blur our discernment. Our focus and the concentration are suffering. Slacklining cleans our minds and helps us to arrange our thoughts. Anxiety and frustration gives way to the relaxation of serenity. A clear awareness is raising and helps us to learn step by step.

crest8Its a pleasure

Motivation and fun transformed slacklining from a sideline activity to a central passion in our life. In this sense, we wish you a lot of joy on your path to balance.