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The following are answers to frequently asked questions. Please click on the question and you will be redirected to the answer. If your question is not listed or not answered adequately, please contact us, for example via the contact form.

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What does Aki Slacklines define as working load limit (WLL)?

The max. Workload is a very important parameter for slacklining in general and we think it should be as simple as possible to control. We define the max. working load as a load which is reached during normal walking on a slackline. In the working load there are no shock loads, like jumping, bouncing, catching or leashfalling included. For this reason, we have working load limits with a very high safety factor to the breaking strength. back

Why should I never go slacklining without tree protection and wide tree slings?

There are mainly two good reasons for tree protection in slacklining. The first one is obvious: To damage the tree as little as possible. Wide treeslings ensure a better pressure distribution and smaller local pressure peaks onto the bark and the cambium underneath. The wider the sling the better for the tree. A surrounding tree protection between the tree sling and the bark prevents abrasion and tearing of the bark, and thus the penetration of pests. Only both measures "wide tree sling" and "abrasion protection" ensure tree-friendly slacklining. The second reason is public acceptance. With wide slings and treeprotection we can show that the well-being of the trees is dear to our hearts. On the other hand we leave as little trace as possible on the tree. Both can help to ensure that slacklining is established and widely accepted. back

What does modularity and interchangeability mean?

Our slackline kits are completely put together from individually available parts. In the case of wear, especially in textile components, can be replaced easily.
Your kit can also grow along with your skills. It can adapt to increasing needs trough purposeful upgrades of different components, so that a lot of things can be used further on. With our huge portfolio of rigging parts you also easily build up your own kit.  back

Up to what length can I tension a slackline by myself?

The answer to this question is generally difficult to answer, but depends on three essential factors: 1. What kind of tensioning system is available? 2. How much sag shall the slackline have? 3. How much experience, technique and power do you have?
For the tensioning systems, force transmission and tensioning distance capacity are important. A small ratchet (as in our starter set) is suitable up to approx. 20m length. An Ellington-pulley like our Cruiser can be used up to approx. 50m. Rope pulleys are used for approx. 30m upwards. Depending on pretension and sag, slacklines were tensioned beyond 200m in length, even by only one person. However, the rigging of very long slacklines should only be performed by persons with a lot of experience. back

What is the maximum length I can tension with a tensioning system?

 The tensionable length of a slackline webbing depends on the reachable pretension and the related sag in the middle in combination with your body weight. Another factor is also the stretchiness of the webbing and the tensioning distace capacity. Generally it is not possible to tell absolute lengths, but only generalized statements on the coherencies.
With a simple ratchet only a small tensioning distance, and small pretensions can be reached. For ratchets it is adventagous to use webbings with little stretch, because it allows to tension a longer slackline, compared to higher stretch webbings. With a simple ratchet the Limit is reached usually arround 20m. With the Ellington technique moderate longlines to about 50 meters can be tensioned. We also advise for a lower stretch webbing here, as it allows a safer detensioning process.
With rope pulley systems the whole range of slackline lengths are possible. For this purpose, notice the differences in mechanical adventage of the base pulley, and the length of the static rope. back

What is the maximum length of slackline webbing that i can buy with you?

The maximum length is depending on the article. Two factors are to be considered. On the one hand, our weaving company can produce some of our slacklines only in a certain maximum length, that differs from webbing to webbing. On the other hand it depends on our stock. Generally, only the maximum continuous length can be put into the "quantity-box". back

I would like to buy a kit. Can I exchange or omit a component?

We took a special effort to make our kits particularly flexible and configurable. In doing so, we have also taken into account the most popular individualization wishes of recent years. Unfortunately, we do not carry out extensive kit modifications. All set components can also be ordered as individual parts, so there are no limits to your imagination and your wishes. back

How do I rig a highline and are your products approved for highlining?

The topic of highline rigging is an extremely complex and extensive subject, which unfortunately can not be answered within this FAQ section. It requires a great deal of theoretical training and practice experience.
Our products are not officially approved or authorized by the official authorities. Firstly, slacklining is such a young sport that there are no available standards yet. Standards are an important prerequisite for manufacturers to allow a product for a specific application. Secondly we can not assume liability for legal and financial reasons for such complex vertical activities as highlining. Nevertheless, we try to make our products as safe as possible and also check them in practice, to ensure the highest level of quality. back

Why should I always backup my tensioning system and my anchors?

The idea of redundance is elementary also for "normal" slacklining in public space. I a failure occurs on a tensioned slackline, especially "flying" metal parts are really dangerous. In order to reduce this risk, anchors and pulleys should always be backed up with static rope or the tail of the webbing. back

When should I discard my old Aki or Landcruising products?

The operation life of your products depends on the type of product, usage intensity and the number of uses. In an extreme case, it may be possible that your product has to be discarded after a single use. Ideally, you can safely use your product for many years. Please check your equipment carefully before every use. More detailed information on the duration of use is given in the corresponding product manual. back

Is it possible to wash my slackline webbing?

Basically you can wash your slackline carefully by hand, in lukewarm water with mild washing agent like rope cleaner. However this can wear out the coating of your slackline. Machine wash, especially spinning is not advised because it leads to a break strength reduction. back

What should I pay attention to when slacklining in salt water or close to the sea?

Salt water and humidity near the sea are very corrosive to metallic components. A permanent use can lead to massive damage to the equipment. If your gear has been in contact with salt water for a short period (a few hours), we recommend to wash the equipment immediately with clear fresh water. back

Can you sew a loop on the end of my webbing?

Unfortunately we can not do sewn end loops in individual lengths of webbings. Please notice our offers for sewn end loops in fixed lengths. back

I would like to buy a 200 meter long slackline webbing. What do I put in the "quantity-box"?

Please enter 200 in the box and we will deliver an 200 m piece of webbing. If you want to order multiple pieces of this webbing please enter the total amount of meters and use the comment area when finishing your order, to tell use the exact lengths of your desired pieces. back 

I forgot my Aki password. What now?

Please follow the "Forgot your password?" link on our login page. You can reset your password there and enter a new password, afterwards. back 

How do I know if a product is available and what delivery times can occur?

We provide the information on availability and delivery time on the product page. If a product is undefined, you can register for an automated notification of resale with your email addres. back

Can I send a receipt for payment in advance by e-mail in order to speed up delivery?

In case of prepayment, we can only send your order after the payment arrived on our bank account. If you need a faster delivery, we recommend you a different payment method, such as direct transfer or credit card.  back

How do I know if my bank transfer has been received on your account?

We check our acount for payment receipts every day. When your payment is received, we will change your order status to "paid". You will receive an automated notification email from this process. back  

I'm having trouble ordering. Where can I find help?

If you can not find a solution to your question in this FAQ or under customer information, you can contact us at any time within our office hours by phone or email. back 

Is my data secure?

We treat your personal data with the greatest care and in consideration of the current legal provisions. We do not pass on your data to third parties and only use them to process your order. back

Will I receive unsolicited advertising?

You will not receive any advertising from us. back 

How can I buy tax-free with you?

You can shop tax free under the following requirements: You order to an adress outside the european union. In that case we don't charge German VAT. Please notice, however, the corresponding shipping charges and the tariffs and taxes which may be incurred in the destination country.
If you are an entrepreneur within the European Union, except Germany, and you have a valid sales tax number, you can register with us as a company, your sales tax number will be asked and checked. Afterwards you can buy without German sales tax, but delivering country must be within the EU and outside Germany. back 

How do I order with you as a retailer?

We distribute our products only through our own webshop. Unfortunately, we can not make any special terms for you as a retailer. back

To which countries do you deliver? What is the shipping cost and how long takes the shipping?

We deliver to all countries which are supplied by DHL / Weltpost. Please find a selection of our typical shipping countries in the shipping cost overview. If your country is not listed, please contact us. However, we can not deliver in war and crisis areas or countries with special embargo conditions. The shipping times are also listed in the shipping costs overview. back

Do you offer express shipping?

Due to the extreme cost difference between our normal shipping and a express service (such as Fedex), and the extremely low demand, we do not offer express shipping. However, our packages are relatively fast. You can find information about the average shipping times in the delivery overview. back

Do you have a store? Can I pick up the order myself?

We do not have a store. However you can pickup your order personally in our office / warehouse. You can find the corresponding shippingoption in during the order check-out. Notice that  this is only selectable if your shipping adress is located in dDresden. Please contact us for your pick-up date, as we are not in the office consistently. back

Is my order shipped already? When will my order be shipped?

On the shipping day, we always send an email with the shipment tracking number to you. If you have not received a shipping e-mail, it means that we still have to process your order. We strive to send all orders with completed payment status as soon as possible. We ask for your patience. back

I am not at home during the day, can you send my order to another address?

Of course, you can also send your order to a different address. Within Germany, the excellent DHL services "Packstation" and "Pickup in Postfiliale" are provided. The DHL-onlineservice packet.de even allows you to redirect your shipment during the runtime. The above-mentioned services are unfortunately not available for countries outside Germany. Usually, a second delivery attempt is made for your package if you were not at home on the first attempt. If the second attempts were not successful, your shipment will usually be stored in the next post office for 1 week, where you can pick them up. back

Which parcel company delivers my package?

Within Germany your package will be delivered with DHL. Outside of Germany your package will be delivered with the respective national postal service provider. Details about this service provider can be found in the dispatch tracking link which we automatically send you with shipping by email. Most of the time you can keep track of your package with higher accuracy on the website of the respective service provider. back

The status of my shipment tracking has not changed for a few days. What now?

Especially for intercontinental shipments, it is possible that the shipping status can "freeze" for approx. 1-2 weeks. Most of the time your package is on the road. We just ask for your patience. back

What happens if I want to return the order or change something?

For returns or exchanges send us via email your revocation and use the cancellation form. After receiving your message, we will contact you immediately to arrange the return shipment and clearify further questions. back

What is the guarantee on Aki or Landcruising products and what does it include?

The warranty on Aki or Landcruising products is governed by German law. This usually means 1 year warranty from the date of purchase. Our warranty covers only production-related defects. Even if we have a very high level of quality control at Landcruising, we ask you to check the products upon receipt of your delivery. back

How do I get the purchase price refunded when I return something?

In case of a legitimate revocation and if the returned products are new, we will refund you the full purchase price, usually using the same payment method with which you paid. If the products returned by you already have usage traces, we can only refund you a partial amount of the original price. back